Tips for Growers

Here you will find a growing number of resources for the typical farmer and horticulturalist. We will endeavour to post more information for growers, to aid the incorporation of pollination services to your farm.

Please read the articles below. They are saved in pdf format and can be printed for future reference.

How to Maximize the flying time of bees in the Orchard/Crop

Regardless of which way the entrance of the bee hive is facing, the bees will pollinate in ALL directions from the hive. Temperature and wind will dictate the distance that bees will fly and pollinate. read more here

When planning an orchard

Bee sites should be an integrated part of the orchard. Dept of Agriculture/Primary industries have details on stocking rates for most crops/orchards.

  • Ideally bee sites should be north or north east facing and sloping same way.
  • Bee sites must have all weather access for medium to large trucks.
  • Bee sites must be large enough to permit unloading of the truck with a bobcat.
  • Bees will travel along a row rather than across rows (plan pollinator species location accordingly).
  • Bees fly short distances in cold weather (13-16c). Maybe bee sites should be distributed around the orchard.